What is the Microbiome?

Page Contents Overview The human body is inhabited by trillions of microscopic organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and archaea. Although they’re too small to see with the naked eye, microbes inhabit almost every part of the human body, including on our skin, up our nose and inside our gut. Collectively…

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Microbiome medicine accelerated by new partnership between BiomeBank and Hudson Institute

The translation of research into the development of innovative and life-saving microbial therapies is set to transform in Australia through a partnership between Hudson Institute of Medical Research and BiomeBank, a clinical stage microbiome therapeutics company.

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BiomeBank appoints ex-Ellerston Capital CIO and Blackrock North Asia Director as Chair to accelerate commercialisation strategy

BiomeBank appoints Mr Chris Hall as Chair, effective 17 January 2022. Mr Hall brings over 30 years’ experience and impressive track record of investment management across both public and private markets within APAC. BiomeBank’s Series A funding round anticipated to close in early 2022. Formal Therapeutic Goods Association (“TGA”) approval of…


BiomeBank Submits for Market Authorisation of World First Microbial Therapy

ADELAIDE, South Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)The company behind Australia’s first facility for the manufacturing of microbial therapies has set its sights on global impact, applying to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia’s regulatory authority, for approval of their world-first biologic drug product.“In addition to our existing syringe-based therapy, we are also developing capsule based-products that will allow improved patient…