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An Overview

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BiomeBank is well-positioned to become a global leader in the discovery and commercialisation of microbial therapies. Our current donor-derived therapy is the world’s first approved biotherapeutic for the treatment of recurrent and refractory Clostridioides difficile infection, a significant milestone in the microbiome field.

BiomeBank’s multi-disciplinary team of microbiome experts has now successfully developed a breakthrough co-culturing platform that allows us to produce a range of complex synthetic bacterial communities that can replicate the current donor-derived microbial therapies. However, because these new co-cultured therapies are produced in a bioreactor, they can be manufactured at a much lower cost and more easily scaled than donor-derived treatments. More importantly these new generation of therapies have the potential to be enriched for defined and patented disease specific functions and used to treat the unmet medical needs of patients globally.

Our first such therapy. BB265 for ulcerative colitis as been designed using data from use of BiomeBank’s donor derived therapy in clinical trials.


At a glance:

What makes BiomeBank different?

  • Ecosystem Approach

    A unique approach to microbiome-based therapies that treats disease by repopulating missing microbes and restoring lost functions

  • Experienced Team

    BiomeBank is made up of a team of microbiome drug development experts based in a world-class cGMP manufacturing facility in the heart of Adelaide’s medical precinct

  • Approved Live Biotherapeutic Product

    Our approved therapy for recurrent C.difficile infection shows a track record for commercialising microbial treatments

  • Unique Co-culturing Platform

    Our breakthrough co-culturing platform gives us the potential to create treatments for defined and patented disease specific functions that have total addressable market sizes in the billions of dollars

The Pipeline

Having observed the Company’s expertise in developing live biotherapeutic products to treat the unmet need of patients, I believe we’re in a strong position to improve the quality of life for people around the world as well as continue to build our business as a global biotechnology leader.

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