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These products are only for sale to Medical Practitioners

BIOMICTRA™ is for the restoration of the gut microbiota in the management of gastrointestinal disorders.

Our product is the only TGA approved FMT’s for the treatment of C-Difficile infection in Australia. It is only available for sale to registered Medical Practitioners. The BiomeBank team reviews all orders to make sure they comply with all regulations prior to shipping.

BIOMICTRA™ is also available to patients with other indications via the TGA’s Special Access Scheme Application Pathway. Find out more about the Special Access Scheme here.


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Hospitals FAQ

How do I store the product?

The product requires storage at -80°C and is delivered on dry ice. To store the product onsite you will need access to a -80°C freezer.

How do I administer the product?

The product can be delivered by enema or colonoscopy. The product is supplied with detailed instructions regarding storage and administration. If you have any further questions please call us and we’ll connect you with our Chief Medical Officer.


What if there is an issue with the product?

If the product is damaged in any way upon receipt please contact safety@biomebank.com with photos of the product and description of the issue.

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