Harnessing ecology to deliver
novel, cultured microbial therapies​

BiomeBank is a clinical stage biotechnology company with a mission to treat and prevent disease by restoring gut microbial ecology.
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A unique ecosystem based approach to drug development

Like many thriving ecosystems found in nature, diversity is the key ingredient for a healthy gut microbiota. Modern lifestyles and environments are causing gut bacterial diversity to decline, and this is associated with the rise of numerous chronic diseases.

BiomeBank is at the forefront of developing therapies that treat disease through restoration of our gut microbial ecosystem.

a breakthrough technology

Our team of translational microbiome experts have developed a breakthrough co-culturing platform that has enabled us to generate an artificial human gut microbial community in a bioreactor – the Consortiome™.

Consortiome™ is a rationally designed consortia containing more than 90% of the known gene families in a healthy person’s microbiome

The Consortiome™ platform enables the development of bespoke therapies with targeted functions to treat disease at a much lower cost than other microbial products.

Track-record in

BiomeBank has strong track record of commercialisation. Our donor-derived microbiome therapy was the first regulator-approved microbial therapy in the world. We are currently supplying this product to physicians to treat Australian patients with Clostridioides difficile infection.

the Drug Discovery Funnel


Leveraging real-world, human data from our existing therapies to establish the causation of disease, our ‘human-first’ model of discovery allows us to more rapidly and precisely identify the ‘mechanism of action’ when compared to animal models.


DEVELOP Harnessing the latest technology, we screen the real-world data and select candidate strains from our leading culture collection. Employing our cutting-edge ConsortiomeTM platform we engineer an ecologically diverse consortia of microbes carrying that specific mechanism of action, as well as emergent therapeutic properties manifested within the whole community collectively.


Delivering BiomeBank the highest potential drug candidates ready for clinical success.

We are a multidisciplinary team of research scientists and drug development experts who are at the forefront of microbiome research, looking to discover and develop microbiome-based therapies.

The translation of research into the development of innovative and life-saving microbiome-based therapies are further bolstered by BiomeBank’s partnership with world-leading biomedical research organisations. This includes RMIT University, Hudson Institute of Medical Research, and Hospital Networks globally.

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BiomeBank's pioneering research has been published in these leading medical journals:

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The gut microbiome is the community of organisms that live in your intestinal tract. In fact, trillions of microbes call the human gut home. Although one single microbe is harmless, vast communities of different species together carry important functions for maintaining health, similar to an organ. Loss of function can lead to chronic disease.

In recent years new technology has enabled scientists to culture and analyse the DNA of these complex communities. This has paved the way for new breakthroughs in the treatment of chronic disease where the traditional approach of drugs and surgeries are proving inadequate.

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