How Microbiome-based Therapies Can Help You

An Overview

BiomeBank microbiome-based therapies harness the gut microbiota to treat chronic and infectious disease. Our product is the first microbiome-based therapy approved as a biological in the world.

A healthy gut has a diverse range of microbes that help us digest the food we eat, produce special nutrients, and regulate our mood and immune system. Think of a healthy microbiome like a rain forest bursting with thousands of plant species, birds, and mammals, where they all play critical roles in maintaining a healthy, diverse and stable ecosystem. But modern diets, lifestyles, and other factors are slowly destroying this delicate ecosystem in our gut. This loss of microbial diversity and function is associated with a growing list of chronic health issues.

Disruptions to our gut microbiome called dysbiosis is linked to a range of chronic diseases.

Current Treatments

Our microbiome-based therapies have been developed to treat and prevent disease by restoring the gut microbial ecology. Furthermore, we identify and replace specific missing bacteria that carry important functions for maintaining health. BiomeBank microbiome-based therapies are currently used to treat patients with recurrent clostridioides difficile infection (C.difficile.)

How does it work?

BiomeBank’s donor derived microbiome-based therapy involves transplanting the microbial communities found in the gut of healthy donors into patients with certain chronic disease. This product can be taken orally with capsules or through a colonoscopy/enema procedure.

This has traditionally been done by Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) and is most commonly used to treat recurrent C.difficile, a life threatening infection of the gut. This type of treatment has been shown to provide cure rates of up to 96% with few side effects. Although these therapies are primarily used to treat C.difficile, emerging research demonstrates its potential to treat a range of conditions including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and more. 

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WATCH BiomeBank’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Samuel Costello talk about his experiences of using Microbial Therapies with patients.

Our Products
Our product is the world’s first approved microbiome-based therapy for the treatment of recurrent and refractory Clostridioides difficile infection. It is currently available for use by colonoscopy/enema procedure and will soon launch in a capsule formulation.

Our products are manufactured in a GMP facility after a rigorous, quality controlled screening, and donation process. It is supplied to hospitals and clinics throughout Australia and can be administered by healthcare professionals.

Microbiome-based therapies should not be used without medical supervision.


We want you to ask questions. Seriously.

It’s what the best scientists do.
How are Microbiome-based therapies different to Probiotics?
There is a big difference between probiotics that you buy at a pharmacy or supermarket and the defined microbiome-based therapies produced by BiomeBank. Store bought probiotics usually contain organisms that are easily cultivated and not usually derived from the gut. They are not cultured for any particular function or to fix any particular deficit. 
BiomeBank’s donor-derived microbiome-based therapy involves transplanting a complex community microbes (the whole ecosystem) with the aim of restoring the gut microbial ecology to treat disease. BiomeBank’s second-generation microbiome-based therapies have been cultured from a human gut and cultivated in bioreactors. They’ve been chosen for the specific purpose of replacing specific function in the gut.
How do I get access to BiomeBank therapies?

BiomeBank only supplies its therapeutic products to hospitals and clinics. We cannot supply to individuals seeking treatment. If you would like to explore treatment please contact your GP or Medical Specialist.

How can my doctor or specialist access these therapies?

BiomeBank provides microbiome-based therapies throughout Australia and is expanding access to more countries. Ask your doctor to contact us and we can arrange the rest.

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