USA Today Article: Frontrunners of the Future

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The power of innovation and the ability to change the world is embedded into any startup’s DNA. With technical advancements that seem to change in the blink of an eye, new problems are bound to arise, but with them, a group of innovators to find the perfect solution rises higher. From creating change to challenging the status quo and completely disrupting the industries they serve, these ten startups are shaping the future and guiding the world into a new era.


BiomeBank is changing the way we target disease. This clinical-stage biotechnology company aims to treat and prevent disease by delivering live biotherapeutic products and restoring gut microbial ecology. The microbes found in a healthy human gut help with digestion, nutrient absorption, and even mood regulation. However, modern lifestyles and diets are slowly deteriorating this ecosystem, which has been associated with many chronic illnesses. BiomeBank uses cutting-edge science to identify and culture microbes that can help restore health and treat diseases such as ulcerative colitis. “At the moment, the current therapies have relatively low rates of remission of the disease and can have serious side effects. There’s a really urgent need for effective new therapies without those side effects. We see our Consortiome™ therapy replacing missing microbes and improving people’s lives.” says CEO Dr. Sam Costello.

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